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A.M. Engineering is a Nevada grown Civil Engineering firm operating in all rural and urban areas throughout Nevada and the western United States. Headed by Owner/Operator (CEO) Aaron Martinez, P.E., a lifelong Nevadan who graduated from Elko High School and has earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada. Please visit our CEO’s BIO

As an Owned and Operated firm, A.M. Engineering specializes in Design – Build Engineering services, with an extensive line of experience assisting Clients through all stages of their project. We begin the process with conceptual planning, by attaining a solid understanding of the Clients vision and expectations. Through the course of the project we address regulatory concerns, working closely with the Client through the design process and ultimately achieving project solicitation accompanied with seasoned construction management.

Our company offers its Clients integrated design and construction services with the advantage of having the Design Engineer extremely active during the construction process as the Construction Manager. Incorporating construction with our design services allows us to provide clients with a single-source of project responsibility. We feel that this approach allows for the design to be implemented properly, address unknowns immediately as they arise and constantly working towards saving project expenses and minimizing risk for the Client. While the standard industry has deemed construction operations and engineering separate fields. It is our company’s model to produce designs by design-build engineers. We pride ourselves on our construction experience and utilize it to ensure every design is economically constructible. Here at A.M. Engineering, our design standards have been developed from putting boots on the ground.



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