• Clients: Carlin Crossing,LLC
  • Location: Carlin, NV
  • Completion Date: March 2015
  • Services: Project Engineer, Land Use, Zoning, Master Planning
  • Cost: $14 million (Mass Grading & Main Infrastructure

A.M. Engineering has successfully designed improvement plans for a $14 Million planned unit development. Our firm was tasked with designing over 5.6 miles of collector streets as well as, residential corridors. All of which accompanied by hydrologic design, water distribution system and sanitary sewer system design.

Mass grading included over 1.3 million cubic yards of gross earthwork. Our team was able to sculpt the design to balance such a large earthwork quantity within 5%. Working in the City of Carlin, this project is within the Elko County limits. Currently the City of Carlin is experiencing a limited state of growth.

Carlin Crossing’s improvement plans are sculpted to revitalize the area with Urban Design techniques that promote a wide variety of land uses within the 325 Acre development. Utilizing a variety of land uses assists the City in ensuring the development will sustain itself in the future, while also providing economic stability for the City of Carlin.

This is done by establishing an ordinance for the development to deviate from Carlin’s current municipal code and allowing the development to employ the latest smart growth & urban design techniques to better suite today’s residential and business owner needs.

Some of those techniques are as follows:

Mix Land Uses: Mixing commercial, residential, recreational and others uses into the development allows the mixed use to attract people to shop, meet socially and live within the urban neighborhoods. With a variety of low to high density residential, along with multi-family, Carlin Crossing is the modern approach to economic viability for a development.

Compact Building Design: A portion of the commercial land uses are dedicated to compact building design. This is to allow smaller professional offices, retail stores and other applications.

Sense of Place: As the Design Engineer, we understand the need for sense of place. Carlin Crossing plans to have a splash fountain park, with a community center and swimming pool. We feel this approach will allow residents to further be proud of where they live and therefore, have a better way of life.

Multi-Mobile Community: With over 14 miles of bike and hiking trails, along with designated bike trails along all roadways, Carlin Crossing promotes a multi-mobile community throughout the development to stimulate a varied customer base for the business community.

With the utilization of the above listed techniques along with others, A.M. Engineering has designed a development based on Urban Design as well as, striving to provide economic stability for the City of Carlin. With an all-encompassing design including 5.6 miles of roadway corridors, sensible land uses, this project provides the latest approaches for modern communities while also providing privacy through design features and most importantly a sense of place to call home.

PROJECT APPLICABILITY & COST: *Revitalization of Community; *Smart Growth and Urban Design Techniques; *Corridor Design, *Master Planning; *Water Distribution Design; *Storm Drain Design; *Sanitary Sewer Design; *Bike and Pedestrian Access Facilities, *Extensive Public Coordination. EE = $14,500,000; Contractor Pre-Bid = $13,750,000



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