• Clients: City of Elko
  • Location: Elko, NV
  • Completion Date: ongoing
  • Services: Project Engineer, Construction Management
  • Cost: $1.5 Million

Currently an ongoing project, A.M. Engineering was contracted to perform long range master planning and design services of the roadway corridor, sports complex and surrounding facilities located on Flag View Drive in Elko, NV. With Construction bidding currently underway, this phased project will begin to reform our community by utilizing public infrastructure to create a sense of place and community through revitalization techniques incorporated into the design.

By incorporating master plans into the project workflow, we are able to convey conceptual layouts to stakeholders that align with their goals and expectations. We also understand that the project budget must continuously be cross checked to ensure the master plan does not exceed those limits. Working with the City of Elko, A.M. has designed the roadway, ADA Pedestrian Access Facilities, Bicycle Facilities, Parking Lots, Landscape Islands, and 900 feet of Retaining walls systems which will exhibit an arena type approach to the complex.

Stepping above the status quo, A.M. is currently underway with its approach to create a 3 dimensional model of the entire corridor by utilizing our 3D Laser scanning capabilities. As the point cloud representation to the left is showing, we are able to scan an entire project and bring such data into our AutoCAD design software. This allows us to portray existing infrastructure to within 4 millimeters of accuracy or roughly 1/6th of an inch and create reliable plan sets that exceeds industry standards. With this approach A.M. offers a design product and team that continues to limit unknowns and potential change orders through state of the art data collection.

Our team has been also tasked to perform Hydrology Reports, Site Grading, Bid Solicitation, Bid Review, Contract Award Recommendations, Construction Management and Quality Assurance Inspections.

PROJECT APPLICABILITY & COST: *Revitalization of Community; *Corridor Design; *ADA Pedestrian Access Facilities; *Construction Management; *Quality Assurance Inspections *Extensive Public Coordination. Total Project = $2,500,000; Contractor Bid = TBD



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