• Clients: Elko County School District
  • Location: Spring Creek, NV
  • Completion Date: August 2014
  • Services: Project Engineer, Construction Management
  • Cost: $750,000

A.M. Engineering has an abundant of experience retrofitting existing sites and roadways. We understand the necessity to ensure our design improvements impact the existing residents and stakeholders in the most positive light possible. We accomplish this by creating a sound design approach that is confirmed by seasoned construction experience.

We understand the recipe for success when it comes to RECONSTRUCTION. We also understand that as a public agency, Elko County requires its consultants to perform these roles to ensure the public’s best interest is obtained and all concerns are managed. That core approach is exactly what A.M. Engineering strives for on every project and the Spring Creek Elementary project was an example of that.

Starting with understanding the client’s project budget, goals and expectations, we began our conceptual design approach. From a design perspective, we obtained all topographic information for the project to ensure our project base map and planometrics are to the accuracy standard that our firm strongly employs. We then formulated conceptual drawings that replicated the client’s goals and budgetary scope.

A.M. then took things a step further to ensure all impacted parties had a voice and felt welcome to approach the team with any suggestions. All suggestions and correspondence with stakeholders was conveyed back to the client prior to any action. Our goal is to be a full project solution. During this project we responsibly alleviated 95% of all concerns and inquires through direct interaction with stakeholders. Such action alleviated workload on staff and was noted as being “beneficial” to the project.

Upon completing a successful design, A.M. assisted the Owner in bid solicitation along with award recommendations. Upon award of the contract, our role only strengthened as we took to the grade to see our improvement plans implemented Steve Bowers per the contract documents. During the construction phase, our onsite Construction Manager discovered beneficial existing materials which were not discovered in the project geotechnical phase. Understanding potential avenues, our manager then worked with the Owner and the Contractor in order to employ a cost savings measure to the project which amounted to $40,000. Such funds were directly deducted from the contract and was valuable for both parties.

PROJECT APPLICABILITY & COST: *Corridor Design; *ADA Pedestrian Access Facilities; Site Layout & Grading; *Construction Management; *Quality Assurance Inspections *Extensive Public Coordination. EE = $650,000; Contractor Bid = $535,000



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